Arlyn Kennels

Reviewing Dog Accessories Since 2010

We used to breed Havanese Puppies, but eventually it got to be a bit much! We sold the last of our puppies in 2016 to a great home.  We hope that if you had/have one of our puppies, that they were/are great companions to you and your family. 

For the past few years, we’ve been reviewing leather dog accesorries and sharing our reviews. We want to let you know what products you should get for your dog, whether your dog is just a puppy or fully grown. 

We've had dogs for years

As all dog-owners will know, dogs always find a way to make even the toughest objects break.  Even the smallest dogs (like our Havanese) would be able to get places they shouldnt. And eat things they weren’t supposed to!

Like we said above – we stopped  breeding puppies a few years ago.  But we wanted to keep our website going. We figured we’d talk about different dog products we’ve used over the years!  We hope that reading about our experiences will help you figure out the  best products to get for your own dogs – whether its a Havanese, another small or toy breed, or a different dog entirely!