Choosing a Good Leather Dog Collar

After trying different collars available for sale on the internet, we found out which one stood up to the elements of a dog’s life the best. 

We looked at things like: did the color fade? Did the leather collar rip easily? Was it easy to clean?  While there were some other traits we looked at, when we assess real leather these are the thing to look at. If the color doesn’t fade and the material is strong, you’re probably dealling with some high quality leather.  

There are many options for leather dog accessories, and we actually found the best option that combines affordable price and durable, Made-in-America construction.  No cheap foreign stuff! So what is the best leather dog collar you can buy online?

1. Cumberland Leather Dog Collar from

With 774 reviews, and a nearly 5-star rating, it was clear that we should take a look at the Warner Sporting personalized dog color in our search for the most high quality accessory.  And after using them on our dogs, it was clear that this collar would likely end up being the winner. 

The fact that it comes with a FREE engraved tag is just icing on the cake.  You’re able to customize it with up to 3 lines of whatever text you want!  

We opted for our dog’s name, our address, and phone number.  

Why the Warner Cumberland personalized dog collar?

This made-in-USA dog collar is made from long lasting authentic leather.. Also though it has the typical belt buckle type fastener, the collar can still be readjusted to your needs. It can be found in numerous different colors, from brown, to tan, black, and finally a lovely crimson shade. Warning Sporting provides one of the finest listings of  leading grade Latigo leather collars on Amazon.Add block

It comes with a free ID Tag

The tag is a charming riveted plaque that just contributes to the design. Unlike hanging tags which will jingle, these tags sit flat on the collar.  With the enhancement of a flexible fastening as well as strengthening rivets, this collar is also a very safe option  on Amazon today. As we said above, the tag is fully customizable with whatever text you want. Simply type in the information you want when you go to submit your order, and it will be engraved onto the collar. 

tag on collar view

Why choose a leather collar?

These collars are made from natural tanned leather and also boast durable, nickel-plated fastenings. They don’t etch any name into the leather, except the logo. The minimalist look looks great on this collar and will go well with any pup.

Not sure if you want a leather collar for your dog? Leather collars are a better alternative to nylon collars and other non-leather options. Here is why:  Most of collars made from Nylon  materials can not be readjusted appropriately without risking chafing or, in the opposite case, slipping. On the other hand, you should consider your pet dog’s comfort most importantly. Other collars, such as chain collars, can not be tightened without causing pain, and are generally loosened and also offer no function.

Downfalls of Other Types of Pet Accessories

Nylon is not a breathable material so moisture and sweat will remain underneath the collar creating irritation. Bandana collars have no purpose other than being a trendy device as well as will slip off easily, particularly if your pet is rowdy as well as energetic. Economical rubber collars are notoriously unreliable, mostly because they tend to slide off, as well as likewise due to the fact that they can trigger allergies and irritability also.

Leather is the Best Choice for Your Dog

All-natural leather has a clear benefit over fabricated materials as it will not irritate or chafe the skin. A dog’s hair as well as skin are much less likely to respond to all-natural materials than to rubber or nylon fabric. In a similar way, leather pet dog collars can have a much longer life expectancy than various other collars made from subpar materials.

High quality Latigo leather naturally prevents cracking or build-up of dampness from water. Warner Cumberland Collars are adjustable, with all of them  coming with nickel-plated hardware. You can adjust perfectly to your family pet by changing the collar to simply the needed size. With you totally in control, there is no danger of chafing or sliding.

When correctly dealt with, Warner Cumberland collars can be submerged without becoming water-logged. It additionally is well-resistant to dust, mud, as well as sand, as it does not conveniently accumulate them. However the best thing of all is that leather is a breathable material. It does not catch wetness and also sweat underneath and also hence the dog’s skin can breathe.

It is recommended to wipe of the collar with a slightly damn rag to wipe of dirt. Occasionally, like an other leather dog accesorries, you can use leather conditioner to keep the leather in tip-top shape. 

A sturdy dog collar with a durable ID Tag should give you a sense of safety and security as a dog owner. Knowing that someone who finds your lost dog will be able to easily contact you. That shouldn’t happy, as you can easily  keep your pooch under control with a collar and a lead. Have your pet dog stand out from the crowd as well as conveniently spot him when you’re out in the park. And also if an adventure goes awry, you can still have a little sense of convenience understanding that a collar can be a crucial way to identify a lost animal.Below are some of the most important advantages of leather dog collars: It is no secret that attention can get diverted in seconds when you’re out and about with your animal, no matter how persistent or responsible you are. Pets can be mischievous and also careless as well as listen to their instincts, which does not always turn. It doesn’t help that our 4-legged friends can easily outrun any human! Leather collars feature special loopholes as well as clasps, which are implied to aid you fit a recognition tag. These are not only for having your family pet’s name created you should include your call details that can assist with the secure return of a lost animal. Even if your canine has actually a microchip installed, the collar will be the very first source of information, as well as typically the crucial one.

We hope this review was informative! We lived with these collars for almost 6 months before deciding which one was the winner.  When we say it lasted up to the elements and wear and tear, you can trust us!  You won’t go wrong with one of these Warner Cumberland collars